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Great Blog by the way! learned so much 🙂
I 8767 m looking to buy an epilator but not really sure which one to get.
(I 8767 m a total epilator newbie)
I 8767 ve been looking at the Braun silk epil series and the 9579 model seems to have everything.
Any advice?


I just discovered your blog. I have done 8 full body laser treatments. Before doing them I waxed and epilated for years. I used my Emoji AP-68 Epilator religiously before starting my laser journey. I finished my package but I will need another few sessions to be where I would like. In the meantime (considering the expensive price), I am resorting to epilating. I am willing to pay for a high-end epilator. I would like my epilator to not be cordless. I would like the most efficient epilator. Should I stick with the AP-68 or do you recommend something else?

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If you only want to epilate your legs and underarms, you can get a more affordable epilator, if you would prefer it that way.
I recommend checking out the Braun Silk Epil 5785. It 8767 s fast and powerful so I think it will remove your thick hairs without any problem.
The Braun 7686 and the 9579 are both excellent epilators. I personally use the Braun 9566. I have no complaints about it. So, based on your two models, I would recommend getting the Braun 9579 or the Braun 9566 (it might be a bit cheaper).
Don 8767 t forget to apply a moisturizer or a body lotion after epilation.

The difference is made by the accessories that each model comes with.
That 8767 s all. The epilator is the same for all the Silk Epil 9 models.
However, I don 8767 t know what to say about you using an epilator if you have varicose veins.
Frankly, I have no experience in this area so I also did a bit of research to see how matters stand.
Unfortunately, everyone recommends the same thing: asking a doctor. I 8767 m sorry that I couldn 8767 t be of more help, Anna! Good luck!

If you want an epilator just for facial hair removal then I recommend the Emjoi e68 even though it 8767 s not corded. However, there 8767 s also a corded epilator that you can use for facial hair removal without spending too much money, it 8767 s the Emjoi e65. I think that either of these two models would be a better choice than a Braun Silk Epil 9 epilator.

There 8767 s not a big difference between the two epilators. I will tell you about the differences and hopefully you can decide.
The Silk Epil 7686 has a sensitive area cap while none of the Silk Epil 9 epilators has one. A sensitive area cap is good for the underarms and the bikini area. If you 8767 re not used to removing hairs from the root from these areas I think you 8767 re going to need it.
Someone who has waxed for years and now switches to epilation can use the massage rollers cap.
On the other hand, some users of the Braun 7 epilators have reported battery problems while it seems that the Braun 9 models are doing pretty good until now.
If you want an alternative to these two, there 8767 s the Panasonic ES-ED95-P. It 8767 s for the whole body plus face as well.

When I first saw the Silk-Epil 7686, an all-white model with some grey touches, obviously I thought the same thing about it at that moment.

I am thinking to get 9566 but I have so many ingrown hair and 9566 doesn 8767 t come with exfoliating brush. 9966 is mot available right now. What should I do ? Does it 8767 s exfoliating brush too good to wait for ? Should I wait or should I go for 9566 since I 8767 m getting a pretty good deal on 9566 ?????

The accessories that vary from model to model are: facial cap, shaver head and trimmer cap, charging stand, exfoliation brush, and facial cleansing brush.

Legs 9 and 5 in some tender spots.
Chest 9 5.
Abs 5 -6
Arms 9-65! (yes the hair was very dense there and I also trimmed them shorter before doing the epilation)

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