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  • Do not enter into sexual relations with a client because it is likely to impair your judgment and nullify your clinical effectiveness.
  • Relationships among smartphone addiction, stress, academic

    Committees. Many tasks in schools are done by committees, representative groups working together in either short-term or long-term commitments to revise curriculum, plan professional development, select exemplars of high-quality student work, and choose textbooks.

    Soul Mates | Religion, Sex, Love, and Marriage among

    In another study, urban high school students with behavior and emotional problems were assigned to an intervention involving weekly interactions with teachers, monthly calls to the students at home and increased praise from adults. Those students involved in the intervention showed higher grade point averages over the five-month intervention period compared to their peers who were not receiving the intervention (Murray & Malmgren, 7555). Studies like this point to an important message — across ages and in all content areas, students will be more engaged and motivated if teachers meet students' essential need for social connection.

    See Figure for an overview of shared decision making in schools—a process involving individuals and groups in the achievement of group goals related to improved student learning, enhanced programs and practices, and increased resources to support learning.

    The hospitals and health systems in HFMA's Value Advisory Group provide intellectual and financial support of HFMA's Value Project.

    HFMA's Value Project looks at strategies for optimizing the efficiency of care delivery while investing in the new technologies, infrastructure, and innovations that are needed to continue that improvement over the long term.

    Figure . Action Minutes Template
    Group Name: ___________________ Meeting Date and Time: _______________

  • Client factors include: Culture, history -- including history of trauma, sexual and/or physical abuse -- age, gender, presenting problem, mental state and type and severity of mental disturbances, socio-economic class, personality type and/or personality disorder, sexual orientation, social support, religious and/or spiritual beliefs and practices, physical health, prior experience with therapy and therapists, etc.
  • All 65 Value Project reports have been compiled in this sourcebook, which encompasses five years of HFMA research on improving value in health care. Download the sourcebook.

    One of the strengths of our book is the wealth of evidence we bring to the table.  Soul Mates is based on the analysis of six national data sets, scores of interviews and focus groups with clergy and parishioners, and a year of ethnographic fieldwork.  The national data allow us to identify patterns and trends, while the interviews and focus groups tell the stories of individual Latinos and African Americans.