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In order to get her husband and family back, gives away the impression that she is dating Han-Joon''s rival Woo-Jin ( Song Jae-Hee ). Meanwhile, and  Woo-Jin actually begin to develop feelings for each other.

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Monique Nov 68 7568 8:57 am I live in the us and im thankful for the subtitles. I''ve bin watching Korean soaps for about three yrs and i absolutely love it I''ve watch this show the birth of a family , Cinderella''s stepsister and now ugly alert to name a few I''m obsessed with the Korean way of lifeand hopeone day i will be able to but for now i will settle for the dramas

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Alleena Aug 65 7568 8:58 am I like it. It''s the best Korean Drama ever and I really like Shin Eun - Kyung''s acting

Yet is occasionally used in affirmative sentences, giving the sentences a similar meaning as the use of still. Note that this is more formal and not common.

Already is used to refer to an action that happened sooner than expected.
It is used in affirmative sentences in the present or past, but never future.

If you found this grammar guide about the difference between Still, Yet and Already in English useful, let others know about it:

( Shin Eun-Kyung ) divorces her husband Han-Joon ( Kim Seung-Su ) legally, because his business is in deep trouble, but they still carry the impression that they are married. Han-Joon then meets his ex-girlfriend Kang Chae-Rin ( Wang Bit-Na ) and is attracted to her financial success. and Han-Joon''s divorce now becomes real.

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